"Spencer Paving Co. Kicks Asphalt."

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Set your building project up for success with foundation work from our team of experts. Every good building starts with a firm foundation, literally, and that's why you need to hire us to ensure the job gets done right.

Set your building project up for success


If you hire us, you can rest assured that our company laid down a firm foundation that's built for success. In 1991, we began laying down our foundation for exceptional services. Since then, we've received at A+ rating from the BBB and become members of Dunn & Brad Street (D&B).

Laying the foundation for exceptional services

- Excavations

- Concrete foundations

- Basement and garage floors

- Superior foundation wells

- ICF foundations

- Foundation drains

Every good building

starts with a firm foundation. Call us today at 607-589-4466.

Your building will stand strong and tall when it's built on a foundation that was applied by us. Each foundation

we lay is done with care in order to ensure longevity and durability.

Hire us and you'll be setting up a foundation for excellence.

Foundation services:

Buildings that stand tall

Since we are a company built on the foundation of quality, affordability, and service, we've expanded our services and have become capable of handling a variety of projects,  including excavation, concrete installation, and asphalt paving. To learn more about our services, call 607-589-4466.

A company built on a foundation of quality

A foundation being built