Items that can affect Paving Costs

Have you ever wondered why paving estimates for your driveway or walkway can vary compared to your neighbor or friend? The truth is there are a lot of factors that can bring the cost of your paving project up.


The first thing you should do is look around the area you want paved. Are there a lot of trees, roots, buildings close to the area? If there are a lot of obstructions this will make the project harder and bring the cost up.


Does the current driveway have puddles or ruts? This might mean that there are issues with water drainage and that will need to be evaluated and a solution will need to be determined to resolve these issues.


Does the town or city you live in require a permit for your new/updated driveway? The prices for these permits can vary based on your location.


Do you have a really long and/or wide driveway? It should go without saying, but the larger the area that needs to be paved the larger the price tag.


Sometimes if there is more than one project being done in the same area that can bring the price down. Talk to your neighbors to see if they are thinking of having some asphalt work done to help bring the price down for both of you. Also, if we are in the area working on a large commercial job sometimes we can work on your project and save you money.


The thickness of your substrate and the quality of the base can affect the cost as well. Ideally you will need 8-10 inches of gravel below your asphalt for drainage.


Load requirements can make a difference in the cost as well. Heavy loads require thicker asphalt so that the driveway can stand the test of time. Thicker asphalt equals more money.

If you have budget concerns about your driveway contact Spencer Paving to see what the best option is. You might be shocked at how affordable your new driveway can be.

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