Our Paving Crew

At Spencer Paving we believe in hiring the best. Even if our new employees don’t arrive on their first day with full knowledge of our business, they will learn daily from the rest of our very knowledgeable team.

From our office, to team, to our in-the-field team, our employees are how our business stays in motion, and we all rely on each other to do the best job possible.

Our Machine Operators sculpt the landscape to meet project designs per our client’s request. They carry a specific skillset to do the job quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Their knowledge is a very valuable asset that we do not take for granted.

Our Laborers work along-side of our machine operators. This hard-working crew has their feet on the ground using hand tools to get things done. This is hard, back-breaking work that is done daily in our profession. These are guys that you will see at your job site giving their very best, day-in and day-out.

Our Truck Drivers are our unsung heroes. Without them we would have no way to remove and bring in materials to the project site. The loads these guys carry can be very heavy so they have to be very careful when traveling from place to place and they do a great job every day.

No matter which part of the Spencer Paving Crew you encounter on your project it is important to know that our team is made up of experienced and trained professionals in our trade. Each person on the Spencer Paving team is a valued and vital part of our company and we couldn’t do what we do without each and every one of them.

Interested in joining our team? Visit our Employment Page for more information.

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Striping Roads and Parking Lots

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