Curb Alert!

There is a reason why curb appeal is such a big deal to homeowners and business owners alike. However, not only are curbs important to the look of your home, they also meet functional needs as well.

One way to add curb appeal (pun intended) is to add asphalt curbing. Having a 6-inch rolled curb has some advantages.

A specific asphalt mix designed for curbs helps vehicles from exiting paved areas whether on drive lanes or in parking lots. Basically, they help keep cars where they need to be and keep them away from where they shouldn’t be. For example, it is probably a safe bet you don’t want vehicles driving into your front yard, your curb will (hopefully) keep that from happening. In parking lots curbs can help guide traffic to keep vehicles from entering certain parts of the lot and guiding them to where they should be going.

Curbs are great for landscaping too. Not only do they make your space look nice they also keep plant vegetation from migrating onto asphalt surfaces. By keeping landscaping in place, it makes the roadway and sidewalks safer. When vegetation goes where it shouldn’t it can affect drainage structures making it so rain water cannot properly drain. It can also cover up pathways leaving pedestrians to wonder if they are safe to walk where they think they should.

All these advantages keep problems at bay all while making your property look fabulous, organized, and defined. The even better news is that at Spencer Paving we love adding curbs as the finishing touch to a lot of our projects.


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