Mini-Marts Are Not Mini Jobs (But We Love Them)

We love working on mini-marts (and all commercial locations). We have been the chosen experts at paving/parking lots for many Dandy Mini-Marts, churches, and other businesses. So why choose Spencer Paving? The easiest answer to that question is experience. As you know, with experience comes knowledge. There are a lot of requirements when it comes to paving and laying out parking lines and we know the ins and outs of doing things well and doing them right.


Here are some interesting facts about Mini-Marts/ Convenience Stores:


* There are 152,720 U.S. convenience stores as of December 31, 2019**


* The number of convenience stores that sell motor fuels is 121,998 stores. Overall, convenience stores sell approximately 80% of the motor fuels purchased in the United States.**


* Mini Marts sell lots of coffee – It is estimated that convenience stores sell roughly 11 million cups of coffee every day, making it one of their top products.


* Convenience Stores make up one third of all retail businesses in the U.S. 

Do you have a mini-mart in need of a new parking lot? Do you have a commercial business that needs re-surfacing and lines marked? Does your home need a new driveway? No matter what your paving needs are, Spencer Paving has you covered!


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