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Churches are a sacred space. All religious buildings are a place of gathering and peace and it is important to make that impression inside the facility, as well as out. From the moment your parishioners arrive at your building you want them to feel welcome and that includes having a parking lot that has everything that is desired and required.

Here are a few of the “Ten Commandments of Church Parking Lots” (borrowed from churchanswers.com)


* You Shall Have More Than Adequate Handicap Spaces: Do not limit these spaces to code requirements; exceed the requirements


* You Shall Have More Than Adequate Guest Parking: Make certain you have at least one more guest spot than the highest number of guest cars you have for a given worship service.


* You Shall Not Have An Ugly, Poorly Marked Parking Lot: Remember, the parking lot is the first place your guests will see when they visit your church. What kind of a first impression do you want to make?


* You Shall Have Clear And Prominent Signs In The Parking Lot: Good signage makes a good first impression. Bad signage does the opposite.


Are you looking to update or enhance your existing church or temple parking lot? Are you in need of a new parking lot? Contact us today for more information!

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