Residential Driveway Tips

There are lots of tips that come to mind with a residential driveway. It all depends on what state your driveway is currently in. If your driveway is not in the best shape and you are considering having it replaced there are things to keep in mind:


  • Make sure you hire a qualified professional, for example, us. Spencer Paving has been doing commercial and residential paving for so long that we know all the ins and outs when it comes to driveways large and small.
  • Consider the size of your driveway. Are you happy with its existing size and shape? Are you interested in making it larger? Do you find that you need more space? If you are considering changing your driveway let us know when we provide your free estimate so that we can discuss any immediate issues we see.
  • Do you have drainage issues? This is a common problem and one that can cause issues and shorten the life of your driveway. If you do have issues, don’t worry, we can address and resolve those issues before installing your new driveway.
  • Instant gratification is real! When we install your new driveway you will have the satisfaction of seeing your curb appeal (and possibly your property value) increase. A driveway can make or break the look of a home.


If you have recently had a driveway installed there are some tips you should follow to maintain it.


  • A well-maintained driveway can last for 12-35 years!
  • Inspect your driveway throughout the year to check for any issues that might arise.
  • Winter can be rough on a driveway especially if you are using a snowblower or metal shovel that can cause surface damage. When spring rolls around check for any damage that might have been caused by snow build up or surface damage.
  • Check for any vegetation that may be trying to poke through your driveway. Plants, roots and moss can all cause damage over time so remove these items as soon as possible.



Should you have any issues with your existing driveway or you are interested in having a new driveway installed call us at 607-589-4466, we would love to discuss your project with you!



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