How To Care For Your Parking Lot

Asphalt Parking Lots and Driveways have a lot in common when it comes to maintenance but there are extra steps when it comes to your parking lot. There are some basic simple maintenance items that you need to make sure you are doing regularly but there are additional steps that will need to be addressed. 

It seems obvious but sweeping and cleaning must be done on a regular basis. By making sure that you are doing this regularly you will be able to spot bigger issues before they become worse. 

Make sure you are sealcoating any cracking that you see on a regular basis. Sealcoating these crack will prevent them from getting worse. 

Potholes can start off small and get bigger over time. These potholes can get big enough to cause damage to vehicles in your parking lot. You will want to fill any potholes and cracks as soon as you can. Not only can they damage vehicles they can also be tripping hazards for pedestrians. 

Make sure your lines for your parking spots are bright, clear and meet at least the minimum sizing issues. Make sure that your handicapped spots are close to your building and provide the adequate spacing according to code. When these lines begin to fade they will need to be repainted. 

When your parking lot has too many issues to be repaired one-by-one it might be time to consider repaving it. This does not necessarily mean tearing the whole thing up including the sub-base so don’t get nervous when asking for an estimate. 

No matter what issues you are experiencing with your parking lot it is better to do it sooner than later. Letting issues go untreated for too long can lead to bigger expenses later. So save yourself the time and money now and make sure you are taking the best care of your asphalt parking lot. 

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