My Driveway Is Not That Old And Already Cracking!

Did you recently have a driveway installed or re-surfaced and it is already looking rough and out of shape? The good news is that this is something we at Spencer Paving can repair/fix. The bad news is that it may require a new driveway.

So what are some reasons this might happen?

The mostly likely reason is that the asphalt placed is not thick enough after compaction to support the load of the vehicles that drive over it.

The fact of the matter is that a newly paved driveway (within 1-3 years) should not look like this without serious concerns for the integrity of the material or workmanship used on the project.

At Spencer Paving we can assess the issue and determine the cause and the best way to address it. We can then repair or replace your driveway so you will no longer have an issue with cracks.

However, if you are go with Spencer Paving to begin with you should not have any issues with your new driveway cracking because we will look for, and take care of any potential issues before we begin installing your new driveway or replacing your existing driveway.

The best news is that Spencer Paving can repair or replace your driveway! We all know that issues like this can be stressful and concerning and not to mention incredibly annoying. So to avoid asphalt cracking in the first place or to repair/replace your existing cracked driveway Contact us today!

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