Paving the way – at night

At one point or another we’ve all seen those super bright lights being brought into a construction area and know that night work is going to happen in the near future. While a lot of people may dread the thought of working at night at Spencer Paving we welcome it.

Night construction is typically done in high traffic areas where it would be near impossible to get the same amount of work done during the day. This is more convenient for the people using those areas and typically safer for our crew as there will not be as much traffic.

However, it should be noted that night paving does not come without its hazards and that is why our team has implemented many safety procedures to ensure that we are not injured. Those bright lights sure do come in handy when we need to see what we’re doing as well but they also make sure you can see what we’re doing so that we can return to our families at the end of each shift.

Occasionally night paving is done to meet a project deadline. If you have a project with a really tight deadline and you’re unsure if you will be able to finish when needed let us know and we can see if doing your asphalt at night might be the solution.

No matter what we are in the process of working on during our night work or even our day work, if you see our team in the field proceed with caution, slow down, treat them as if your family is working there so that everyone is safe and the work can be completed carefully.

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