Reasons To Replace Your Driveway

Homeownership comes with a lot of expenses and sometimes you might not know the best place to allocate your funds to keep your home in tip-top shape. You might be toying with the idea of replacing your driveway but you’re unsure if you should. Here are some suggestions for when you might want to give Spencer Paving a call for an estimate to replace your driveway: 

Curb Appeal

This is a big one especially if you are considering moving or if you just really want your home to look its best. You would be amazed what a difference a new driveway can make for your curb appeal. If your house is freshly painted and your landscaping is perfectly mulched and your driveway is crumbling and heaved your house is not going to looks its best. 

Drainage Issue

Is water going where it shouldn’t around your driveway. Maybe it is heading toward your house and in return ruining your foundation? Is water puddling up in your driveway? You likely have drainage issues that need to be addressed. These issues can ruin more than your driveway so if you notice water problems it is better to get it taken care of sooner than later. 

Make Your Driveway Wider

Do you have available property on either side of your existing driveway that you would like to put to good use? Maybe you’re considering getting a camper or have a new driver in the house and you don’t want to do the driveway car shuffle every time someone needs to leave. It could be a good time to make your driveway wider. Having more places to park will not only make your life easier it could also increase the value of your home. Also, a lot of families like to have wide driveways so their kids have a safe place to play. If possible widening your driveway is usually a good decision to make. 

Existing Driveway Is Damaged Or Heaving

Is your existing driveway in horrible shape? Is it more weeds than asphalt? Is the blacktop crumbling in places or heaving up or both? These are all signs that it might be time to invest in a new driveway. Not only will it make your house look better it will be safer. Whenever a driveway is heaving or crumbling or full of holes you run the risk of bodily injury to yourself, someone in your family or someone visiting your property. No one wants to roll an ankle or break a foot just traveling down a driveway. 

If you think you need a new driveway or you’re not sure what service you need to address with your current asphalt, contact us, Spencer Paving, today to get an estimate

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