When Is The Best Time For Driveway Repair?

When is the best time to repair your driveway? The simple answer is when you see an issue with it. 

If your driveway is starting to lose the luster that it had when it was first installed you should understand that this is not unusual. Wear and tear is common especially when you consider how much use your driveway gets. This may increase if you keep heavier vehicles and equipment parked in your driveway and if your vehicle is heavier. If your car sits vs. being driven daily that can also have an effect on your driveway. 

If you see any of the items below it is likely time to call an asphalt professional to see if it is something that needs to be addressed. 

If you see the following call Spencer Paving: 

A driveway that is newer than 10 years that is showing issues

Crumbling (the blacktop is crumbling away on the edges or in other locations)

Potholes (not only are these annoying but they can also be an indication of a larger problem

Sunken or heaving areas

Small cracks that don’t connect

We understand that sometimes time and cost can make it difficult to deal with these issues right away, but not taking care of them can cost you more money. When you see issues arise, even if they aren’t on the list above, call Spencer Paving to help you maintain and repair your driveway.



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