Can Asphalt Be Recycled?

Have you ever wondered if asphalt can be recycled? Not only is asphalt recycled it is one of the most recycled products in the United States! The Federal Highway Administration has stated that as much as 81% of asphalt is recycled. (Click here to learn more)

By recycling asphalt that is removed from roads, parking lots, driveways and walkways not only is that saving those items from going into landfills. Asphalt doesn’t biodegrade at all so if it goes to the landfill it will be there forever taking up a lot of space so recycling is an ideal solution.

Used/recycled asphalt can be mixed with new asphalt. It is believed that this process of mixing the old with the new is stronger than using new asphalt alone. It has also been shown to save billions of dollars across the asphalt projects in the U.S.

 If you’re wondering how the recycled asphalt is reused, the first step is to make sure it goes to somewhere that accepts construction and demolition waste. Other items that fall under this category are glass, wood and concrete. Once there, the asphalt is crushed up and scanned for impurities, this is either done at a facility or sometimes it can be done on site and mixed with new asphalt there. The nice thing about doing it on site is that it cuts down on transportation cost.

There are several types of recycled asphalt including:


Asphalt Cement Supplement


Hot Mix Asphalt


Cold Mix Asphalt


Granular Aggregate


Subbase Aggregate


Fill Material

If you would like to work with recycled asphalt it is best to contact your local professional to learn more. Spencer Paving would be happy to discuss all your paving options with you for your next project.

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